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We’re an odd bunch of fun, quirky, and creative authors who love writing thought-provoking questions on a mission to spark engaging discussions.


We’ve all experienced awkward silence situations and resorted to superficial chitchat and small talk to pass time.

The best conversations start
with one good question

The authors at Questions About Me are on a mission to end dull conversations. 


We created the Questions About Me series to invigorate conversations and help you get to know people better...even yourself.

The Tell Me Your Life Story series helps capture your experiences, life stories, and reflections into a timeless keepsake to share with your children, loved ones, and future generations.


Put down your phone, switch off the TV, and use our books to unlock endless conversational possibilities, develop deeper relationships, and create precious memories.


Printed and Designed in the USA

We are very proud to be a 100% Made in America company

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